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Solve your life with a Black WIZARD

Letzte Nachricht: 25. Mai 2007 um 14:03
25.05.07 um 3:54

Solve your life with a Black WIZARD: (free ancient tarot throw TO PREDIC YOUR FUTURE!!!!!)

Dont be affraid to take me services. I can change your life totally,. The cost is really cheap, you only have to pay for the

material. It it will be different according with the job that you want. For these reasons I invite you to take my services.

My jobs are: join and separation couples (The time of separation is not as problems for me) Attract your love tired out your

feets. I take out ful people. I get out all kind of jobs. Get personal attracttion and magnetic. Care common and mortal

illness. Attract rich and fortune (grow up your economic power with my services). Protection of black magic and envy, bad

eyes (mal de ojo) (newest job).

I come back time in women until she looks young and attractive , chaching the problems of getting old for her partner.

I solve all kind of problems, including those that seems imposibles. For these reason, dare to take my service. I wont

drefraud you dont de affraid. For example, People think that black magic come back against them. Dont worry because I am an

expert. You Wont suffer any kind of damage. My jobs are craftmanships and personnal. Dedication an complete compromise all

the time, because a fail, I will be punís by the Misters gods, for this reason, I dont care about the cost and consecuentes.

I only need a Picture and your complete name and changes come between 0 to 15 days. I work with Vudu and Palo Mayombe, the

most powerful magic in the Word more than Umbanda, Camdombe, Quimbanda, Macumba until white magic. American and european

people that was help for me can tall about my services.

When you can find the solution in science or white magic or with a blanck magicians who say they know everything and cheat

people. Please come to me.

I can be the only solution for you. I make this kind of job only for love for hidding science not for make money, that is the

reason why the costs of the materials are cheapest, everybody can pay them according with the job taht you request. In

ocasión to obtain bettler results I need natural elements, but they are expensive, because I cant find in a santuary store,

they can be find in dangerous places like cementerys. In comparation with other magicians whos cash a fortune for a test and

take advantage of people .

For this, do not permit them cheat you, Pay only the just price

Rememeber whem human resorses are exhausted only something supernatural can solve the problems.

Free private and personal consults in

[email protected]

Please be pacient, I have a lot of consults. I will respond you as soon as I can. Dont feel ashamen to ask me, I want to

be your friend more than your magician.

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25.05.07 um 14:03

Nice ...
pls - solve our patience with an readable line format ^^

i do not really like my future being predictable
why do you wanna reduce the tarot on that in your offer?

i'm not in need of any services, even not on those "that seam to be impossible" - but i'd be intrested in some exchange of posisions and some intresting discussion - your offer sounds ... uuuh... nice - so pls contact me via PM case you're intrested in communication with a farcical fortune-teller like me


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